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Why Switch To Molded Pulp For Your Packaging?
Why Switch To Molded Pulp For Your Packaging?

    Are you concerned with the amount of plastic you are using and wish to find ways to cut it down? One brilliant and creative solution is to replace plastic used in packaging with molded pulp, and Bonito packaging  is the best molded pulp tray manufacturer in town.

    Bonitopak has been manufacturing custom moulded pulp trays and packaging materials for internal safety and cushioning of products. Most of our products (which include trays as well as corner protection pieces among others) are used in the packaging of electronics, cosmetics, wine bottles, and a variety of other items.

    The ethos of Bonitopak rests in producing eco-friendly and sustainable products to replace plastic because the company is dedicated to making packaging materials biodegradable. This article will introduce you to what molded pulp is, its environmental impact, and how Bonitopak’s unique take on molded pulp trays makes them a fashionable addition to your products as well.

    Molded Pulp And Sustainability

    The manufacture of molded pulp items for packaging has underscored the potential for sustainable growth for businesses in all industries across the world. Made from recycled paperboard or newsprint, molded pulp is a packaging material that is ideal for cushioning products, especially for travel.

    Today molded pulp is used all across the globe for packaging purposes, such as drink holders and as food service trays among other non-edible items. With concerns over plastic waste increasing, replacing non-biodegradable and compostable products from use is becoming more and more imperative.

    Molded pulp is thus a sustainable alternative to Styrofoam, plastics and other petroleum based packaging, one that is also economical. There are no price surges with molded pulp, so ultimately this material is a lot more reliable, and overall requires less capital to make and use for packaging. s

    Molded pulp can also be made waterproof for longevity by coating it in a layer of wax. This makes it easier to travel around with molded pulp without the pulp breaking away if it comes in contact with water. Because the pulp is made from wet pressing paper-based products, it is important to keep it from coming in contact with water as it may soak it up and fall apart.  

    At Bonitopak, you will find the highest grade of molded pulp made in stylish and intelligent designs, in multiple colors for a wide array of products. You will also find the different types in moulded pulp fiber packaging that is waterproof and can be repeatedly used should you want to.

    How Is Molded Pulp Made?

    An important aspect of using pulp moulded inserts and packaging products is that the manufacturing process is eco-friendly and cost-effective. To learn how these features are part of the molded pulp experience, let us take a closer look at the process of making molded pulp.

            First, the paper is collected that is meant to be recycled anyways and is then added to a pulper, which can be understood as a giant blender that breaks down the paper into smaller fibers.
            Next, water is added to the pulper to make the pulp, which upon completion has an oatmeal-like texture and feel. Typically, the pulper takes around 20 minutes to complete this task.
            After the paper pulp has been extracted from the pulper, it is then poured into molds that have already been set up for the pulp to take a solid shape. Bonito packaging  uses various molds to make sure that the molded pulp we create can be incorporated into a variety of designs and packaging materials.
            The fourth stage is the drying of the pulp in the molding trays. For this purpose, after the pulp has somewhat taken a shape inside the mold, it is then put onto a conveyor belt that takes it to the dryer. Think of the dryer like a huge oven, where all the water from the pulp is made to evaporate at high temperatures. In this process, the individual fibers meld together and become stronger, becoming molded fiber packaging.
            Finally, the molded pulp is ready to be taken out of the dryer and used accordingly.

    In this entire process, only a fixed amount of water is used to make the pulp, and only recycled materials are used. When compared to other packaging materials and how they are made (i.e., plastic), molded pulp seems the most environment-friendly and the most economical option as it does not require a lot of energy or raw material costs.

    The Benefits Of Shifting To Molded Pulp Packaging

    Besides being economical and eco-friendly in its manufacturing process, molded pulp is also biodegradable and compostable, which reduces overall waste. If molded pulp were to replace plastic, the world and its natural habitats would see a huge move towards sustainable living and that too at low personal costs.

    Molded fiber trays have the advantage of being customizable in terms of color, design, and imprinting logos on them for various brands. Because of this incredible feature, Bonitopak offers a wide variety of customization for its clients i.e., you can get logos printed, embossed, debossed, and even lasered onto your packaging, and that too in your color scheme!

    In terms of providing cushioning and protection to products, molded pulp is not lagging behind other materials at all. Many people have reported saying that their products held better in molded pulp trays as opposed to in plastic or thermopile packaging materials. Bonitopak’s molded pulp products, such as molded pulp trays, have been proven to have superior shock absorption and cushioning from vibrations.

    Because all the processes and raw material are sustainable and recyclable, the overall impact on the environment is significantly less. Bonito’s commitment to being eco-friendly in business endeavors has generated quite the buzz about our company’s products, particularly among young people.

    And finally, making molded pulp for packaging is a profitable business itself, because making it does not depend heavily on energy sources like oil or gas. Moreover, the molds themselves make assembling them way easier, therefore saving on crucial time that could be used more productively elsewhere.
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