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[Image: 81d0a0b1c4ea6d2983005a2fc4659b40.jpg]

Tang Bohu was one of the four great sages in Jiangnan, he was talented and intelligent, and his chess and calligraphy skills were savvy. Tang Bohu and her friends met Mrs. Hua and the four maids. Chunxiang, Xiaxiang, Dongxiang and Qiuxiang when they went to the temple to pray. He fell in love at first sight with the beautiful Qiuxiang there. Therefore, he decided to infiltrate the Hua House pretending to be a servant named Hua An in order to establish a relationship with Qi Xiang.
Flirting Scholar
During this time, Prince Wang visited Ban Hua to cause trouble for the family. Thus, Tang Bohu's identity was revealed when he stepped in to help the family. Qiuxiang then discovered that Hua An was Tang Bohu, someone she had always admired.
However, Mrs. Hua had always had a grudge against the Tang Clan. Therefore, she began to resist Tang Bohu in various ways. Unexpectedly, the Hua Clan's enemies returned to destroy the entire Hua House as revenge. Mrs. Hua was defeated while trying to protect her family. Thanks to the wise Tang Bohu, peace returned to Hua's house.
Ms Hua, who survived the disaster, compensated Tang Bohu by having Qiuxiang marry him. After some twists and turns, Tang Bohu finally won the beauty. “Flirting Scholar” is a game that features free spins with select features.
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