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Women's Dresses

    Women's dresses had gone to great extremes in the 1920s, with very short hemlines and boyish styles. The change in dress styles in the 1930s was thus very dramatic, for the decade saw a return to femininity and distinct changes in cut and hemline. The depressed economic circumstances of the decade and later of the war years required simplicity in dress styles, but talented designers turned these constraints to their advantage, making slim-fitting but stylish dresses in a variety of styles.

    Perhaps the single biggest change in the 1930s was the lengthening of the hemline, which fell to mid-calf for day wear and to the floor for evening wear. Silk Dresses were tube-shaped and very sleek, fitting closely through the torso and lacking billows or pleats in the skirt. Dressmakers achieved a flowing look either by using newer fabrics like rayon or by cutting fabrics diagonal to the direction of the weave, called a bias cut. Waists in general were tucked in closely, and the waistline was often accented with a belt. Late in the 1930s the desire for a very small waist led to the reappearance of the corset, a confining undergarment that had gone out of style in the 1910s. Wartime dress restrictions soon put an end to this fashion revival, however, much to the pleasure of women who did not want to see the return of the uncomfortable corset.

    Several elements of 1930s and early 1940s dress styles are especially distinctive. The first was the treatment of the back and buttocks. Many dresses were made to reveal large portions of the back, with great Vs that reached nearly to the waist, meaning the top neckline of the dress plunged down to the waist in the back creating a V shape. Long Dresses were also fitted very closely across the buttocks, marking the first time in history the true shape of women's rears were made a focus of attention. These styles were particularly visible in evening wear.

    Women's sleepwear is also called nightdress, nightclothes, or nightwear. It is a clothing created for sleeping purposes. It is worn by women who really feel comfortable with it because some would rather prefer to sleep naked or only in a particular type of underwear. The type of nightwear being may also depend on the season. Take for instance; some women are wearing nightdresses only on winter. But now, using it is another way of following the latest trends in fashion. There are several types of women's sleepwear and each has specific features that will cater to the different preferences, styles, and needs of every woman. Take enough time in educating yourself with various styles and get inspiration from its different looks and appeal so that you can create your own fashion statement.

    - A Sleepwear Set which is really intended for women is a babydoll, popularly known as negligee or short nightgown. The garment is usually trimmed with ruffles, lace, appliques, ribbons, bows, and Marabou fur which can be designed optionally with spaghetti straps. The materials used are either translucent fabrics (silk, chiffon, or nylon) or sheer. A babydoll is considered a provocative dress resembling minidresses that have six inches hemline above the knees and hollow designs on the necks.

    - The most popular loosely designed night apparel for women is a nightgown or nightie which is made of materials such as nylon, satin, silk, and cotton. Its length may vary. It can either be a hip-length or a floor-length nightgown. However, the usual length is knee length. A nightgown can be decorated with embroidery and lace appliqus on the hemlines and cups.

    - The women's Knitted Sleepwear which is only intended for bedroom and night use is the negligee. It was introduced during the eighteenth century in France where it copied the designs of the day dresses of women at that time. However, the alteration of its designs with lace trimming, bows, and translucent bodices lead to considering it as lingerie. The modern designs revealed fabrics sewn in multiple layers giving a more fine emphasis on women's bed-capes and bedjackets.

    Once upon a time, your gender determined your fashion choices. For most of the last few hundred years in the Western world, women wore dresses and skirts, and men wore pants. Except for the Scots. Thankfully, fashion has evolved such that both men and women are now free to wear anything they please, although it’s still suggested to take fashion tips from personal stylists.

    There are a few gendered fashion trends that persist, however, and it is one that makes women’s dressing just a little more difficult than it needs to be: buttons! Buttons appear on different sides of a shirt or jacket depending on which gender it was designed for. Despite the fact that the vast majority of all humans are right-handed, only men's shirts have buttons on the right side. Women's Blouses And Shirts have buttons on the left side. Great for lefties, but an extra couple of minutes in the morning for everyone else.

    It seems particularly absurd given the relative similarity in the shape of men’s and women’s shirts. Sure, there might be a little extra tailoring to account for some generalized curves, but the humble button-up shirt is one of the more unisex items of clothing regularly worn by both sexes. A good shirt can even help you dress to look younger.

    Silk is natural Apparel Fabrics known for its luster, shine, strength, and durability, and it has a long trading history across the world. Silk is the epitome of luxury due to its high cost to produce, soft feel, and elegant appearance, and it is thus a popular textile in high-end and couture fashion design.

    Silk is a natural fiber produced by insects as a material for their nests and cocoons. There are several types of insects that produce Silk Woven Fabric, including silkworms (the most common type of silk), beetles, honey bees, bumble bees, hornets, weaver ants, and many more. Made primarily of a protein called fibroin, silk is known for its shine and softness as a material.

    The history of silk roots in China, where the production of the textile was kept as a secret for over 2,000 years. The origins of silk dates back to the Chinese neolithic era as the oldest silk example found has been dated to 3630 BC.

    Today, the main countries involved in the production of silk are China, India, Uzbekistan, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Iran. Despite the small market share of silk in the Global Textile Market (around 0.2%), the production is spread around 60 countries all over the world.

    China is the world’s biggest producer and main global supplier of silk, followed by India. The silk production process is called Sericulture. It begins with the cultivation of silkworms which, despite their name, aren't actually worms but larvae that would turn into moths.
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