The Bills are 1-1 in that area of the country this season

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The Bills are 1-1 in that area of the country this season

Postby panxing18 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 8:58 pm

The Buffalo Bills travel to the Midwest once again on Sunday , this time landing in Indiana to square off against the Indianapolis Colts. , having defeated the Minnesota Vikings and losing to the Green Bay Packers during the third and fourth weeks of the season. This time, the Bills face off against a conference opponent. Both teams are on the outside looking in with regard to early playoff hopes, as the 2-4 Bills and the 1-5 Colts each desperately need a win to remain somewhat afloat. In terms of fantasy football, the game presents some intriguing matchups solely due to circumstance. Here are the best bets for Colts to play in fantasy this week.QB Andrew LuckBuffalo has been eating quarterbacks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner of late, allowing the third-fewest fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks this year. In fact, the Bills have only allowed 39.5 fantasy points combined over their last 4 games. For context, Jameis Winston had 32.7 fantasy points last week. So, why should you play Luck? The easy answer is volume. Luck has thrown the ball 31 times or more in every game this season. He’s thrown it 40 times or more in five games. He’s thrown it 50 times or more in 3 games. And he’s even thrown it more than 60 times once this year. He averages 22.3 fantasy points per game, and while I expect that he’ll have difficulty using primary weapons like T.Y. Hilton and Ryan Grant, he will throw the ball enough to approach his season average.K Adam VinatieriThe reliable veteran kicker is a valuable asset in real football and in fantasy football. He has made 11-of-13 kicks this year, including 2-of-3 from 50 yards out or more. He’s scored 54 fantasy points this year, and the Bills’ defense has been so good that they’ve been able to hold opponents to field goals often. They allow the ninth-most points to kickers, so investing in this 45-year old kicker could pay dividends this week.Colts D/STIndianapolis isn’t known for having a good defense by any means. However, the Bills have a historically bad offense and are starting a quarterback who only signed with the team on October 9 Womens John Miller Jersey , has only started 4 games in the past 7 years (and in one of those starts, he only threw one pass—an interception—before Cam Newton returned to the lineup), and throws interceptions on 3.7% of his passes for his career. Derek Anderson is the real wild card in Sunday’s matchup for both teams. Until Buffalo’s offense can prove that it can attain even as little as mediocrity, any defense they play is a good start in fantasy football. When the Houston Texans host the Buffalo Bills, DeAndre Hopkins will be featured heavily. You probably don’t need an opponent preview on him though, so instead we’re gonna look at tight end Ryan Griffin. Even star players like Hopkins need the rest of the team to help them out. The versatile Griffin is a quiet but necessary cog in the Houston offense. The starting tight end hasn’t seen less than 68% of snaps so far this year, and is averaging twice the playing time of the closest Texan tight end. Griffin has been limited in practice with a toe injury this week, but seems like he’ll play. If not, the Texans will look to replicate what he does, as seen below. Play 1The Texans love to have Ryan Griffin across the formation, whether it’s blocking or running routes. On this play he ends up blocking Jaylon Smith one on one. After the initial contact, Smith disengages and looks to go around the tight end. Griffin keeps Smith in front of him pretty well and Deshaun Watson has one less linebacker to worry about. Play 2Ryan Griffin and fellow tight end Jordan Thomas try to stop Demarcus Lawrence. Thomas loses the block and Lawrence slips behind him. Griffin is able to engage again and move laterally with Lawrence. This one goes down as a victory for Griffin.Play 3The Texans aren’t afraid to send Griffin out, though his 20 targets this year suggest he’s not a focal point for touches. He saw nine of those targets in this game though, and there’s no reason to think he’ll be ignored when there’s a favorable match-up. The sporadic amount of passes thrown his way do mean teams can’t completely ignore him when he’s running up the field. He’s a decoy for this route and manages to pull one defender with him, making it just a little easier for the Texans. Play 4Overall, Griffin catches well but doesn’t have great chemistry with Deshaun Watson. A good number of passes thrown to Griffin have been off target, like this one. It can be very difficult to assess blame , but the pattern of inaccurate ball placement to Griffin can’t be ignored. Griffin snags this one with a little extra effort. Play 5Route mastery is not something to expect from Griffin, but he’ll do these for Watson well enough. Leighton Vander Esch misjudges this play which helps Griffin get wide open for the ball. Play 6Like above, don’t expect much more than this but Griffin wisely understands the cushion Leighton Vander Esch provides here. Because Griffin isn’t a burner, he can make relatively tight turns to pair with his come back routes. Vander Esch is caught by surprise by this. Griffin’s lack of speed comes back to bite him as he’s tackled quickly after the catch. Play 7In addition to being a bit of a jack of all trades, Griffin has occasional lapses in his play. The initial contact with Leighton Vander Esch is good, but Griffin fails to finish the block. He stands upright quickly, losing leverage in the process. Vander Esch is able to slip into the lane that Griffin is trying to keep him away from. Play 8Griffin is set up to block Randy Gregory by himself. Gregory’s hesitation move leads to Griffin’s feet getting sloppy. Griffin stands upright like the last play and give up a lot of leverage. Additionally, Gregory is able to get his hands up near Griffin’s shoulders, which limits Griffin’s range of motion. With leverage gone and unable to hand fight, the results aren’t pretty. In ConclusionAt any given moment, Ryan Griffin can do his job well. The Buffalo Bills will need to account for Griffin. Both finesse and power rushers can find success against Griffin. Jerry Hughes, Trent Murphy, and Lorenzo Alexander all have variable skill sets that should be able to set something up against Griffin. Matt Milano will likely need to rely more on speed and finesse, and Tremaine Edmunds could have a strength advantage. In coverage, the Bills secondary could see him on any part of the field. Most of this group has the skill level to stay with Griffin. Bills fans shouldn’t expect to dominate Griffin, but a few impact plays through him shouldn’t be shocking.
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