The Carolina Panthers’ win against the Philadelphia

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The Carolina Panthers’ win against the Philadelphia

Postby douhua2233 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:44 pm

The Carolina Panthers’ win against the Philadelphia Eagles placed Cam Newton ahead of Aaron Rodgers for most 4th quarter come back victories in the NFL. Naturally , the team has been questioned repeatedly this week about how they can replicate their success and what their plans are for the up tempo style that is credited with driving the win. After all, Sunday was just the latest in a long career of games in which Newton has shown great proficiency with that kind of offense.Coaches never say as much as you would like to hear. It is part of their job to dissemble and conceal from the press, and thus, ultimately, their opponents, what their plans are from week to week. I’m hoping that is behind the series of disappointing quotes that Ron Rivera and Norv TurnImageer have given this week.Turner expressed support for the concepts while refusing to commit to them except on a situational basis and Rivera sounded like he saw going no huddle on offense as a last resort, at best. Specifically, Rivera is concerned that the Panthers will go three and out in a hurry, leaving their opponent with all of the time in the world to score. But really, what’s there to lose for the Panthers?Against the Eagles, the Panthers first three drives of the game averaged 4 plays, 2:06 of clock burned, and just under 10 yards before each of them ended with a punt. In fact, with the exception of the Falcons game Carolina Panthers T-Shirt , each of the Panthers opening drives in 2018 has ended with a punt or a turnover. The saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” certainly does not apply here. The Panthers offense in the first quarter is broke.One must have the proper tools if they intend to fix something. This is why there has been so much attention paid to the Panthers’ success in an up tempo offense. The difference between their three punts to open the game and three touchdowns to end it can’t be overlooked.Rivera himself referred to going up tempo as a “great tool.” Don’t, however, expect the Panthers to plan to make use of that tool against the Ravens or, probably, any other team in 2018. Rivera’s full quote on going no huddle was “obviously, we were forced to, but it’s a great tool we have.”I don’t know how this is even logic. You shouldn’t be “forced” to use a “great tool” in the face of an obvious problem. I can’t believe this is intentionally misleading and vague “coach speak,” either. Emphasizing what you want to do over what you are good at doing has been Rivera’s philosophy since his first offensive coordinator, Rob Chudzinski, left to coach the Cleveland Browns. Every game the Panthers play is a tree they need to chop down. Since Chud left, Rivera has approached the tree with a nail file he’s had since the 80s instead of the ostentatiously dressed axe that he drafted with the top pick in the 2011 draft. Thomas Davis missed football because he was a football player.But the Panthers linebacker also missed his support system, when he went through a difficult personal time during his suspension.Via David Newton of, Davis came back from his four-game suspension for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances this week, after a turbulent month which included the death of his father and his mother having a pair of emergency surgeries.“When you lose a parent Carolina Panthers Hats , when you have your mother have two emergency surgeries, and besides the family, not really have the guys you depended on so much over the years to lean on, it makes it that much tougher,” Davis said. “It’s definitely good to be back.“Being able to go out there and practice takes you away from things you have going on in your life, some of the things you have to deal with on a daily basis.”Davis said he was grateful that teammates will be able to be with him Saturday, when they bury his father Ulysses, who died after complications following a heart attack. The Panthers will then fly to Washington for a game the next day, Davis’ first of the season.“I’m pretty sure things are going to be pretty difficult Saturday when we have the funeral,” Davis said. “Seeing that situation he was in for a whole month and coming to grips he really wasn’t getting any better, . . . you start to feel like you can’t no longer be selfish in wanting him to keep staying in that position.”While his professional situation pales in comparison, his story underscores the human bonds created within locker rooms, and it’s clear having those taken away for a month had an impact on Davis as well.
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Re: The Carolina Panthers’ win against the Philadelphia

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