3D Connexion Space Mouse Wireless Problem

3D Connexion Space Mouse Wireless Problem

Postby greglazor » Thu May 03, 2018 5:14 am


So I've had this Space Mouse Wireless for almost a year (?) now and it has had its share of problems. First it was drifting by itself (like you were leaning on it). They replaced the unit for me back in the fall. Then I started running into this problem where I turn on Inventor, usually in the afternoon, and no matter what direction I move the mouse all it does is zoom in & out. The "technical" specialists over at 3d Connexion cannot for the life of them figure out what is going one here. I tried plugging in the unit with a wire and they replaced the dongle for me. They've basically ruled out everything that they are aware of and were insisting that it was my system that was the problem. For a long time I only had the one system to run it on so moving it to another one wasn't an option............?

Please help.

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