Universal Health Care issue

Universal Health Care issue

Postby crowek » Mon Jul 30, 2018 3:56 am


n early 2011 when I first began gameplay with my nation, I remember one of the first issues being about whether or not to have universal health care for the nation. At the time I decided against universal health care. My nation was new and had only a moderately strong, but growing economy. Taxes were relatively high compared to where they are now, and I didn't want a big government program to slow the economy of the young nation.Times have changed since then. Our economy is amongst the strongest in the world, and taxes are at just 6%. My nation can definitely afford healthcare now, problem is that I never have received that issue ever since that one time last year. I have received many other issues repeatedly over the past few months, but never the one I really want another chance at. Any reason to get every other issue over and over again, but not the healthcare issue. Has it been retired?

Please help.

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